• I know we may have one more update Friday but wanted to start the dialog again getting everyone's opinion on what are their Top 3 Films were for 2018.

    My list:

    1. Kickass Authority (Started year off early with the high kicking of Aish)

    2. Run Kickass Run (Great addition of another high kicker Seina)

    3. Aquakickass (Erica was absolutely stunning athletic and right attitude)

    My honorable mention has to be Grand Thief Kickass. Just wish we didnt cover Aish face up and got to see her attitude more. Love her attitude.

    So tell me what you got? Let the discussions begin....😜

    As always great job on the site and everything you do. You really care about the fans input and produce a great product. Excited of whats to come in 2019.

  • Hmm methinx Kandypool, Shark Kickass, and Wonder Diva are the faves. Its really hard to choose tbh, I feel bad for leaving Danni and Erika out.

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    I really enjoyed going your ratings for 2018 and we'll continue to keep up the standards for 2019. If you were to put a gun to my head (or a boot to my throat) I'd give honourable mentions to..... the debut of Eden, the incredible Vixen Catsuit combos, the high kicks of Sex Panther, the gymnastics of Diva and the sheer fury of Sienna!

  • The Kandy World through Panda coloured glasses.

    1) Wonder Diva - It has everything - Diva barely being contained in the Wonder Woman outfit switching between playful cuteness and female dominance with great fight scenes. BTW this was a Kandy Kustom of mine

    2) Kickass Authority - Aish got the year of to a bang. She steals the show, looks awesome and backs it up with a great of martial arts destruction.

    3) Run Kickass Run - One of the best debuts by any Kandy Girl, Sienna is show stopping (helped by the fact that she fills out two pairs of new thigh high boots just perfectly)

    Honourable mentions to Ready Player Kickass with Sex Panther and ANY movie with Hi-Kix in it (she'll always be my favourite Kandy Girl)

    Here's to another great year ahead full of Kandy.


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    Given my personal biases, it will surprise no one that at the very top I have Return of the Femmes.

    As for the rest, I would say that it goes...

    1. Kickass: Fallout (Kix takes things to the top of the list automatically)
    2. Kickass News (Combines the best of the classics with the best of the new crop)
    3. Shark Kickass (Because Eden in those shorts)

  • Notwithstanding personal custom bias (only natural let's be frank...) any films with Jade, Erica or Danni Harwood involved.

    Jade - sultry, sloaney, stunning & deadly.

    Erica - probably the best legs (& curved area directly above the legs) known to man/woman/child/cat.....& my oh my what kicking prowess!!

    Danni - it's Danni Harwood...….need I say more?!

    More good things coming our collective way in 2019 I'm sure. 👍

  • Yes nice topic.

    Ok my Top 3:

    1). Fantastic Kickass - it was my Custom so...

    2). Kandypool - It’s Vixen again. What can I say.

    3) Dazed and Kickass - Lady Jane And Erica absolutely kick ass in this. And maybe I got a thing for blondes.

    Having said that I have really enjoyed this years kandy’s it’s been a bumper year of talent. Hall of Famers like Kix and Vixen have returned. Then you have Eden, Brooke and Sienna making their debuts. And who could forget the return of the legendary Sex Panther!

    Great year K’man Cheers to more to come 👍

  • Great topic but hopefully we'll have one more before end of the year.

    1. Grand Theft Kickass. (Great high kicking i don't give a damn attitude even if hidden)

    2. Run Kickass Run (Seina wow)

    3. Shark Kickass (Eden double wow)

    Honable mention: Kickass Authority and Gang Kickass.

    Good topic.

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