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    Well.... here she is! in her brand new debut film THE KICKASS INTERN. A tip of the Kandy hat to DG for commissioning and writing this one with me!

  • @kandyman

    Just let me know her availability!!! πŸ˜‰

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    Not necessarily! @opponent12

  • @Dizzy-Goon

    Jade isn't gonna be in any more clips? Feelsbadman.

  • @kandyman

    Count me in k’man!!

  • @H-Kix-Forever

    Very much appreciate the plaudits old boy. Confess I did think the jungle drums were pretty quiet here!

    Had a lot of fun with this one.

    Jade....ah...Jade...sadly now under deep cover in Brussels. πŸ˜€

    Agent Sloane is our new Jade. For which I’m quite happy. πŸ‘πŸ»

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    You're never too late Hi-Sloane Forever (?) your appreciation is always welcome my friend and i'm sure DG would concur. We can't wait to film with Sloane in Custom Season later on this year, she's an amazing all rounder! @H-Kix-Forever

  • I realise I'm late to the party but where are all the new Sloane fans!? She is hoity-toity-tastic! I do like to see posh totty dispatching the goons, demonstrating their natural superiority over the lower orders. I think I have a working class masochism thing going on here. Jade of course, the much missed Cat and I always thought Storm was posh. I wonder who's the poshest KandyGirl. Not only that but we get some classic old skool references and even some AJ tributes! And Sloane herself is a most worthy recruit - gorgeous, beautiful, great moves, great attitude, nice outfit, thigh-high boots of course, and a plus for me, not a single blow taken, total KandyGirl domination! Well done DG et al, Wonderful stuff !

  • This is bloody good.....even if I say so myself.....enjoy!

    More from Lady Arabella Sloane-Fortescue in 2019 I hope!!

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