Question about posting clip to Youtube

  • Hi Kandyman - I was wondering if I could take a clip from a classic film and post it on my youtube channel? It's serving as an example of how to run in heels and look sexy doing it. Starring AJ from Rebel Without Kickass. It's not going to be monetized or anything. I just want to show my fellow bionic women fans how sexy AJ runs in stilettos. THanks.

  • I posted the clip. Thanks again. My fellow bionic freaks are visiting the KAK site. Hopefully buying stuff. Sorry for putting this in the wrong section, too.

  • That would be it. The only scene. Thanks @kandyman

  • administrators

    Hi bionics - I think in this instance it would be fine, i'm presuming the clip is just the running bit and nothing else? Thanks for checking with me though! @bionicskillzart

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