Kickass Vandal

  • Hi All,

    I got this after enjoying Vixen in Kandy Krises 'New Dawn'. Vixen has, all of a sudden, become one of my favourite characters (it's got nothing to do with those fishnet tights, honest!).

    I really enjoyed this release, Vixen was extraordinary and Harvey did a great job of being a punch (slap, kick, head-butt) bag.

    Big thumbs up to all involved!

  • @H-Kix-Forever Thanks H-Kix, I'll check those out.

  • Rob, you are clearly a discerning fellow. Vix and Kix are surely the Queen Bees of KAK. I recommend you check out some of their early joint missions, in particular High School Kickass (Parts 1 & 2) and Silence of the Kickass. At the time of release I thought they were dressed up as schoolgirls. Now, being almost 10 years later, I realise they must have actually been schoolgirls at the time and that was just their regular day wear.

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    Thanks Rob. We'll do a poll one day to see who the greatest of them all is but I'm pretty sure Vixen is up there! she's incredible and this is one of my favourite films with her, she has such supreme confidence, incredible elegance and total dominance. @Rob-Hinx

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