My Bionic AJ Clip and Youtube​

  • Youtube has something against KAK. That sexy clip I edited was taken down. I didn't even title it with KAK phrases (only a few in the metadata) but Youtube hates ass-kicking women or their just stupid. I mean some of the videos I've seen on there that haven't been flagged or taken down just baffles me be a beautiful well dressed blonde trotting down an alley way is WHOOOOOAHH all bets are off.

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    This is some of the nonsense we have to put up with. You had full permission to use that footage and there was absolutely nothing remotely contentious about it.

  • Wow. Is that really true? If so that's so, I'm most displeased. How can one not fall under the spell and charms of a KAK cinematic? Someone who follows my channel said "wow! that clip is amazing! Do they do customs?" I hope they are following suit. Nice to talk to you JadeOwl, I come across you on my Instagram account. Isn't Leanna Decker just beautiful? 😍

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    I seems that Kandyman has a very determined and cowardly foe (probably a lesser competitor) who makes it a point of complaining about his stuff to get it taken down. This has been going around for a while.

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