NEW KIX RELEASE!! Kickass Doll

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    What is it she's looking for??

    Not one outfit

    not 2 outfits

    but 3 outfits!!!! Let's hope she finds what she's looking for... whatever it is....

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    Loving the Geological similies! Kix seems to get ever more beautiful with age and physically stronger too! There are not enough superlatives in the English dictionary for a girl like her and like DG's VW Toureg, she'll go on for ever and ever! @H-Kix-Forever

  • Hear, hear.......H-Kix. Well said by a person with great taste! As I said earlier, I have run out of English words-of-praise to describe Kix and have resorted to Italian. I do like the concept of Kixilicious though. That, she certainly is....................................

  • As we're praising Kix to the high heavens I couldn't very well refrain from comment given my moniker and the undying devotion which it expresses so succinctly. Quite simply, Kix is the cat's meow, the bees knees, all things sugar and spice, a goddess, unrivalled. Ten years have I sported said moniker and it still applies.

    This one is a bit of a Kix classic, or rather perhaps a tribute in part to past classics - even the old school tie makes a re-appearance. Very little peril too - a plus por moi, I'm an NP kinda guy meself, But what's this? A glorious total of three gorgeous outfits and no thigh-high boots!? What the. How does she do it!? How the blinking heck does she manage to look so Kixiliciously hot in 3 different outfits without resort to THBs. They said it couldn't be done (I refer of course to the voices in my head), but she nailed it. I think the reason is that these three vignettes appear as from her daily life - at school (obviously a flashback, but not a distant one I hasten to add), then looking for the toilet upstairs at the nightclub, finally trying to blag her way into the gym - and those very fine but relatively day-to-day knee-high boots look like just the kind she would wear in those settings. It's a day in the life rather than a deadly undercover ninja assassin type mission. That must be it, the outfits are suitable for the occasion. Not sure that one has featured high among my criteria in the past but there you go.

    In conclusion, we all know Kix rocks. But did you know she actually kicks rocks? That she once kicked Mount Snowdon clear across the sea to the Isle of Man? Yes, to make a point, it is Kix we're talking about here. I won't get too technical, but her kicks can also transform sedimentary rocks into metamorphic rocks. Trust me, I'm a geologist.

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    Kix is a fine wine. Each passing day makes her asskickery more perfect, if such a thing is possible.

  • This film something for just about everybody K'man. Well done to you, Kix, the Kustomiser and the rest of the Kandy Krew.

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    It was a Custom Panda! It seems to have caught the imagination as this one is a box office smash! @Panda

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    There are very few films with on going themes my friend, each is usually a self-contained story so Kix is back to kicking ass with no superpower help :) @plat0nic

  • Outstanding!!!

  • Kix always has something to bring to the table, probably a shoo-in for Kandygirl hall of fame. her fighting and her quips are always on point. but why does Kix seem invulnerable in this one? the themes seem to imply that some of the girls are on the super serum all the time..

  • Kix is the Queen of Kick Ass. Kandyman treats use to so many wonderful Kandy girls, but Kix will always be my favourite. I've used up all my superlatives in English to described her so I'm resorting to Italian today 'bellissimo' 'bellissima' 'feroce' 'una bella donna con gli stivali'. I hope my Google translation is okay?

    Was this custom by chance? Nobody wear a black belt like Kix!

    Panda (which is apparently the same in Italian? Go figure!)

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    This one was up to your astonishingly high standards, but I must say that the middle outfit was my favorite.

    Both in looks and in action. 😍

  • Kix looks great as always :) !!

    just out of curiosity, from the proposed two letter descriptions like KO meaning knocked out, do you use the SP (some peril) notation? The last movies didn't have any so there was no SP notations but my question is if the notation is on the list so I can look into that in the future.

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