AJ - Film Goddess

  • Obviously we have been talking about the newbies quite a lot lately but I just thought I would cast an eye back a little bit. I was looking at AJ's "imdb page" and apparently she has been cast in 5 films which are currently in post production.

    That's incredible and I just wanted to say well done to one of the original KAK girls and I think still very much one of the favourite's of the members of this board. I really hope it all continue's to go well for her.

    Just in case you don't know "imdb" I have added AJ's page for you all.


  • I was watching a movie on Blinkbox the other day called "Night Junkies" and was pleasantly surprised to see AJ in that. She played a vampire's polite neighbour.

  • nice movie intresting

  • Ahhhh, it was AJ and Citizen Kick Ass that first got me into the world of KAK. There is just something about AJ that means you are unable to take your eyes off her when she's on screen, even if you wanted to.

    She's beautiful, classy, elegant, talented, clever, funny, could smash your face in without really trying and best of all, She's ours!

    I miss her voice overs as well.

    I agree 100% Kamach, lets hope it just keeps getting better and better for her!

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