Neckbreak film list

  • Hi all,

    I've only recently discovered this site - now slightly addicted!

    My favourite way for the girls to finish off their victims after a beatdown is with a classic necksnap - noticed a few comments from others who feel the same. So in the interests of sharing, here are the films i have with neck break endings...

    Kickass ghost - two from kix i think. Great one in the car park

    Who dares kickass - at least 4 or 5 neckbreaks from Jade and Aish

    Enter the kickass - 3 or 4 neckbreaks from Jade

    Strictly kickass - one great neckbreak with hands from jade

    Wolf of kickass street - three great breaks from silver

    Kickass doll - two great neckbreaks by hand from kix

    Faster kandygirks kill kill - one of my favourites, two breaks, one superb one from kix and one other from storm

    The badass factor - nice break from gold (also great knee Ballbust from her too)

    Kickass ninjas - my favourite neckbreaks from jade (2) and a couple from Diva

    Hell on kickass - great break from eden

    Kickass doll - two neckbreaks from kix

    Think that's it! If anyone else can share ones they know of that would be great.

    Thanks kman for these films - they're great!

  • Peaky Kickass, the Kickass Intern, and Aquakickass have one a piece from what i remember. Also if you have never heard of Rusk Joel, check him out! That's what his clips are focused on.

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