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    She's a fans favourite and she's heading for the legendary wall of fame! She's got it all.... Supermodel looks, killer moves and a catsuit!

  • Eden is fast becoming a favourite in my KandyBook, her attitude, her casual brutality is great, and she rocks that outfit. I think it's about time someone mentioned belts. A low slung studded leather belt goes very nicely with a catsuit, accentuating the movement of the hips (some Vix-vids come to mind), whereas a thin metallic number accentuates the slender waist of the more lithe, lengthier KandyGirl, I find. In truth I could write an essay on the subject. Also like Eden's hair and makeup in this one :)

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    You know there is no choice ๐Ÿ˜ˆ@Dizzy-Goon

  • @kandyman

    Eden looks exceptional in this photo.

    I may just have to buy this film....like thereโ€™s a choice!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Once you have the kandy bug etc etc.

  • @opponent12 I was just being funny.

  • @bionicskillzart I think you misunderstood. The cyborg woman theme is great. The sound effects ,however weren't so great. I think the cyborg woman thing was hot but I didn't like the sound effects. is that fair?

  • @bionicskillzart You should probably read Boker18's post again. There was no mention of a cyborg woman/theme being stupid.

  • @boker18 Oh really? And what exactly is so stupid about a sexy bionic cyborg woman??? :) We need to get these incredible girls props that they can bend with their superior strength. There are some nice looking props I want to purchase so that maybe we can fit them into some scenes but of course they are located on the west coast of the US and KAK is all the way across the other pond while I'm in the middle of both. https://www.newrulefx.com/collections/fx-action-pr...

  • I agree. I thought Eden did an incredible job. And the Cyborg sound effects were really stupid. Could've done without them

  • Eden is really on the way of becomming a kickasskandy legend (already). This mix of beauty grace, self confidence and brutality is unique...

    the part where she kills the guard with her boot is quite cruel.

    She does a great job beating up and humiliating the guys here. Only the absurd Cyborg enhancement almost ruined the video for me...

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