When is the next film with Tapue/Beige Boots?

  • Seen in Dukes of Kickass, Faster Kill, Kandygirls, Kickass thrones, Kickass Kandybar

  • @kandyman Yeah much appreciated! The next Vixxen release looking great too!

  • Wow! I didn't watch the film yet but that photo set is a knockout! One suggestion with the films is if you can start filming them at a higher frame rate? Still images look so blurry when paused and in slow motion. :( I'm a pest but I was just wondering if you would ever look into that for future movies.

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    RELEASED! I think it's fair to say Skarlet looks pretty amazing and has the action to match!

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    😃 We are here to make you happy! Not sure when we can release that Skarlet film, it's all about the algorithms, Chinese Horoscope and the tea leaves - they decide. @opponent12

  • Yeah I've been praying to baby Jesus for some Skarlett releases, I miss her, Blaze, and Jade so much already :(

  • NICE MAN! When do you think the Skarlet film will be released? 😏 can't wait for it!!!! @kandyman

  • There’s nothing ‘beige’ about a Kandygirl, they look hot in just about any colour

  • @kandyman

    Ohhhh...you are an awful tease K’man....but we love you all the same.

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    Now that's a very good question.... these boots have taken quite a battering over the last few years, they've worn the impact of so many face kicks and these are pretty powerful especially when launched from the legs of Vixen! We have 2 pairs of similar boots worn in upcoming films.... one pair of thigh highs worn by Skarlet and another pair of knee highs worn by a brand new Kandygirl (to be revealed later in the year). @bootlover64

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